World DJ Festival in Korea – Featured Post

World DJ Festival

World DJ Festival in Korea

written by Jalen Durham

In this featured post section, we wanted to show you how everyday life is in Korea. So, our guest editor Jalen, who is currently working as an English teacher, is giving you the idea of World DJ Festival that he’s attended May 2018.

Teaching in Korea is an experience you don’t want to miss. Once you get that first contract, the whole country is your oyster. There’s always something to do here. Always somewhere to go. I’ve been to places like Everland and Caribbean Bay, two popular theme parks here and attended events like the Seoul Jazz Festival and Ultra Music Festival. However, one of the best events I’ve attended was the World DJ Festival that recently finished in May.

How it went

For those who don’t know, World DJ Festival is an EDM (electronic dance music) event where people from all over gather to listen to some of their favorite DJs and wildly jump up and down to their music. Now, I’m not a huge fan of EDM. I don’t even listen to it regularly. What made this event extremely fun was going with the right people, specifically friends I’ve made over here. Typically, in Korea, whenever you go to an older folk event (19+), there is always one thing you’re going to be doing or seeing other people do: drinking. It’s basically part of the culture here.

With my AWESOME friends

World DJ Festival

How my friends and I decided to spice up this event for ourselves was by buying various bottles of alcohol: rum, gin, vodka, etc. We sat outside of Jamsil Stadium in the Sports Complex and feasted on chicken and mixed drinks until we felt right. Then, we headed into the venue, pushed our way to the front of the main stage area, and partied until the concert was over. To be completely honest, I couldn’t really name any of the DJs we saw that night, not because I was tipsy, but because, as I said before, I’m not a follower of the EDM scene. That being said, World DJ was an extremely fun event. The attached picture doesn’t even begin to capture how much fun I had with my friends. We danced, jumped, sang, and screamed our hearts out that night.

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