Top 7 Items from DAISO Korea

make-up sponge

  1. Make-up Sponge – Soft & elastic texture / Needs extra purchase of sponge holder (KRW 2000/1P)

lint shaver

2. Lint Shaver – Can easily remove lints of your winter clothes / Needs extra purchase of batteries (KRW 5000)

Tangle Brush

3. Tangle Brush – Can easily comb your wet hair as well / Perfect for scalp massage (KRW 3000)

Shoe Stretcher

4. Shoe Stretcher – Can easily stretch your shoes into proper sizes / Come in both for men & women (KRW 5000)

Square Mesh Net

5. Square Mesh Net – Useful for organizing miscellaneous / Also perfect for interior designs (KRW 2000)

Shoe Cleaner

6. Shoe Cleaner – Can clean your shoes as a new one / No need of detergent (KRW 1000)

Macaron Cream Case

7. Macaron Cream Case – Useful for travel packing / Also can be used for organizing small accessories (KRW 1000/2P)


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