The Most Dangerous Nature Reserve in the World, DMZ


Even though Korea is currently divided into North and South, a beautiful area between those two nations exists.

dmz location


It’s DMZ.


korean flag

DMZ (Demilitarized zone) is a meeting-point of North and South in the small Joint Security Area.

It’s 250 km long and about 4 km wide.

buffer zone

So it’s a buffer zone between those two warring nations.

dmz 2

After DMZ was designated, it became a land off the beaten track.

But at the same time, it also became a shelter of wild animals.


Now it’s been reported that 4872 of animals and plants including 91 of endangered animals inhabit DMZ

dmz 4

Ironically, due to greed of humans, the most beautiful place in the world was made in the isolated area.

The last divided country in the World, Korea. Amazing beauty of nature is hidden in the small gap.

dmz 5

We hope there will be no more bloodshed in this small world.


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