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Moving to Korea

Thinking About Moving to Korea?

written by Kathy Tavia

In this featured post section, we wanted to show you how everyday life is in Korea. So, our guest editor Kathy, shows us how her life in Korea has been so far. She is currently working as an English teacher.

I have been living in Korea for about a year now and it’s been quite a fun ride. Some teachers talk about great experiences or really bad ones. To tell you the truth, you will get a lot of both just like you would in any other country. If you’re new to Korea or just getting ready to embark on this new journey well let me tell you how it’s been for me so far.

Getting a job

Moving to Korea
Me and my coworkers

Before looking for work in Seoul I was living here for about 2 months. I was getting income from teaching online through mainly Chinese online teaching platforms like VIPKid  and Dada. I had just finished teaching in Thailand and needed a break. Soon I started looking for teaching work in Seoul in order to get a visa.

I got all my required documents done within a month (instead of 6 months). Everything went quickly for me because I came to Korea with my documents ready and sent my fingerprints to a FBI channeler instead of the actual FBI. This way is the best method in order to get your fingerprints back at a reasonable time.Within a week I had a job interview and a great job contract.

Life in Korea

So in the past year I have done so much in Seoul and have travelled to different parts of Korea.

Moving to Korea
Korean BBQ
Moving to Korea
Fountain (Itaewon)

Let me start with the endless nightlife that exists in Seoul. I have not spent entire nights out in a long time but when you live here, you will find yourself out all night and maybe doing some karaoke at 7 am after a club or going for a big Korean breakfast at a Korean BBQ. The best part is that you don’t feel the time passing by because it’s a fun city and you meet some incredible people…both good and bad. The nightlife here is never boring! If you live in Seoul you’ll find yourself most likely partying in Hongdae or Itaewon. So get ready to be part of a highly lively night crowd.


moving to Korea

moving to Korea

Now, when it comes to nature and day activities well Korea has lots to offer. Even in big cities like Seoul or Busan, you can easily find a hiking trail if you need a nature walk. The parks are well maintained and you’ll be hiking up with the elderly Koreans who can probably pass you and giggle at your struggle. Hiking is a big deal hear so most Koreans are geared up from head to toe. Don’t worry if you’re new to hiking because lots of the trails have stairs to make hiking just a little be easier. Not only but there many things to join in on by the Han River. You can have picnics with friends or enjoy a bike ride along the river. There are also water sport activities you can sign up for like standup paddle boarding and kayaking on the Han River. The opportunities are endless!


moving to Korea

There are many tour groups that take you everywhere in Korea. These groups provide transport and somethimes for longer trips they cover some meals and accommodation in the costs. There are groups that take you to islands, beaches, camping, old villages, or even to pet Alpacas.  There are even places that stand out like Petite France which is a little town that is inspired by French culture and architecture. You can also make an incredible visit to the DMZ if you like history or visit the Garden of Morning if you’re a nature lover.  I love the extreme so you’ll see me skydiving or ziplining over a beach ! There’s something for everyone so check out TRAZY  or  Bangawoyo.

I hope you make it to Korea and enjoy all the things this country has to offer!

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