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medical checkup

Medical checkup required for your visa


Do I need a medical checkup?

Medical checkup is mandatory for those who apply for E-2, E-9, E-10 and H-2 visa. The Minister of Justice has designated hospitals for the medical check for the visa. You can check the hospitals hereBe aware that the list provided by the government is in Korean. Some of the options are ‘Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital’, ‘Korea University Medical Center’, ‘Busan Medical Center’, and so on. However, the checkup fee might vary depending on hospitals.


Prerequisites for your health report

Your medical exam report should include the test results of tuberculosis, mental illness, hepatitis, syphilis, and drug test. Also, when you are applying for your visa, the report has to be issued within 3 months.


What do I need before the checkup?

You need two passport photos, and your passport. And if you are applying for E-2 visa, you have to fast for 8 hours before the test. Don’t forget to make a reservation!


Which test will I take?

You will get a blood test, drug test and chest X-ray. Furthermore, you must have an interview with a doctor. For the drug test, the test includes methamphetamine, cocaine, opium and marijuana.



For specific details, you can visit  Hi Korea website

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