Welcome to Korea! The Wonderland of Delivery Food

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The wonderland of Delivery Food

delivery food

Why would you ever leave our house?

Make the call, the food shall come!

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There are 3 surprising things about Korean delivery food.

Surprising fact 1

Deliver the restaurant to literally anywhere!

Parks, Riversides, Schools. Just make the call!

Surprising fact 2

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Wherever you are it takes less than 30 minutes.

Plus there are no tips!

Surprising fact 3

delivery food open 24 hours

NYC is not the only city You can have chinese delivery in 3 am.

In seoul, dozens of deliver menuse are 24/7

delivery peopl

This might be surprising,

but to Koreans and expats, this is just every day life.


There are 3 ways to deliver food to you!

  1. Call
  2. Use App
  3. Ask LOKA

1 . Make the call

Find the number of restaurant

Tell your address, payment method and menu.

2 . Use App

Install a food App

Search delivery restaurants near your and order

Wait 20 minutes and enjoy the food

delivery application

These two ways are easy and simple

But the downside is that you have to speak/read Korean!


But no worries if you are with LOKA!

3 . Ask LOKA

Message LOKA through Kakao chat ID : LOKA

Send your information

delivery food asking loka

Wait 20 minutes and savor the delicousness

These are common delivery foods

delivery food example

Come visit Korea, The Wonderland of Delivery Foods!

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