F-3 Visa in Korea – Immigration Guide

F-3 visa in Korea

All about F-3 visa (family visa)


What is it?

F-3 visa is for the family member of visa holders from D-1 to E-7.  Both spouse and minor children can enter Korea with F-3 visa. However, the children should not have a spouse. Also, family members of D-3 visa cannot get this visa. Your length of stay will be determined by your companion’s.


Digital visa

As a part of simplification of visa issuance procedure for the elite manpower, family members of professors or researchers can get a digital visa without visiting embassies. Family members of E-1, E-3, E-4, E-5 visa holders and E-7 visa holder who has a “Gold Card” can get it.



Either a digital visa or  normal one, the requirements are the same.

  1. Application form (download the form), Passport, and portrait photo
  2. Family relation certificate
  3. Proof of financial ability


Working with F-3 (family) visa

Since you are staying in Korea with your spouse, you might want get a job. If you are a spouse of either an elite manpower or an investor who invested more than 500,000$, you can work in Korea. Except for the simple labor(D-3, E-9), you can get any job. The term of permission will depend on your spouse’s length of stay. Also, you can change your visa into E-1, E-5, E-6, E-7 visa if you have a specialized job and eligible for it. Yet, E-6-2 is not included.


For specific details, you can visit  Hi Korea website.

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