E-2 Visa in Korea – Immigration Guide

E-2 visa

All about E-2 visa (conversation teaching)


What is it?

E-2 visa, in short, is a permit to teach how to communicate in foreign languages. Mostly, you can teach at schools and language institutes. However, you cannot teach literature, interpreting or translating with this visa since it is only for conversation teaching. You can stay in Korea for 2 years, but you can extend your visa if you want.


Who is eligible?

  • Those who meet the requirements provided by the Minister of Justice.
  • Those who wants to work in a foreign language institute, elementary school or higher educational institution, broadcasting company or business-affiliated language school.
  • E-2 visa holder should only teach how to communicate in foreign languages rather than academic subjects.

Specifically, there special requirements for those who wants to work in different institutes.

  1. Instructors who work at a language institute have to be a native speaker. Furthermore, you must have a bachelor’s degree or higher degree from your country.
  2. English teaching assistant who is selected from office of education.
    a. EPIK(English program in Korea): In order to teach regular classes, you have to be from 7 English speaking countries and have bachelor’s degree or higher degree. (USA, UK, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland)
    b. By Korea-India CEPA, Indian nationals who have bachelor’s degree and English teaching license can teach at schools.
    c. TaLK(Teach and learn in Korea) is an educational scholarship. You can teach after school classes in elementary schools. You should have completed Associate’s Degree or be enrolled in a
    Bachelor’s Degree Program(3rd year or higher). However, you can only teach in rural schools.
    d. CPIK(Chinese program in Korea): You need B.A. from universities in China. Also, you need a Chinese teaching license issued by Chinese government.


What do I need?

Generally, the requirements are

  1. Either Visa application form (download the form) or confirmation of visa issuance.
  2. Passport.
  3. 1 portrait photo.
  4. Diploma apostilled.
  5. Criminal background check apostilled.
  6. Signed contract with the institute you are working for.
  7. Medical checkup results (should be sealed).


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