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D-4 visa in Korea

All about D-4(General Studying/training) visa


What is it?

D-4 visa is for people who study, train or research in the institutions that don’t fall into the category of D-2 visa. If you get it, you can stay up to 2 years. University language school students will get this visa, for instance. There are 7 subcategories for D-4 visa.


Who is eligible?

  • Those who study Korean in a university language school.
  • Those who study in an institution other than the institutions of D-2 visa.
  • Trainees in a national research institute or a training institute.
  • Interns or trainees that train or perform a research in a foreign invested company.


Subcategories of D-4 visa

  1. D-4-1(Korean studying): This visa is issued to foreigners learning Korean language.
  2. D-4-2(graduate trainee): A graduate-to-be student who trains in a foreign invested company will get D-4-2 visa.
  3. D-4-3(elementary, middle and high school student): Those who got admissions to elementary, middle, and high school in Korea. (Alternative schools not included.)
  4. D-4-4(overseas Korean student): Overseas Koreans who wants to study in Korea will get this visa.
  5. D-4-5(Korean food trainee): Trainees who are training to be a Korean food cook will get this visa. However, there are special requirements for this visa.
  6. D-4-6(superior institution trainee): Institutions certified by the Korean government as a superior institution can invite trainees. And those trainees get a D-4-6 visa.
  7. D-4-7(foreign language studying): Foreigners who stay in Korea for foreign language learning(except for the Korean language) will get this visa.



In general, you will need

  1. Visa application form (download the form).
  2. Passport.
  3. 1 portrait photo.
  4. A Photocopy of institution business registration certificate.
  5. Certificate of Admission signed by the president of your school.
  6. Certificate of your latest academic career.
  7. Documents showing financial ability to stay in Korea for 1 year.

There are various requirements for different subcategories of D-4 visa.

  1. D-4-5: In order to get this visa, there are 3 requirements.
    a. The candidate should be either
    – A high school graduate who has worked as a cook for 3 or more  years
    – A holder of a foreign cooking license and worked as a cook for 1 or more years
    – A person who has a diploma in cooking related major
    – Cooking related major who has studied for 1 or more years.
    b. The candidate should be proficient in Korean language.
    In order to prove that, the candidate should have one the following requirements.
    – TOPIK level 1 or higher
    – B-KLAT score 120 or higher
    – Academic degrees from Korean university
    – Studying for more than 150 hours in a university language school
    c. The candidate shouldn’t have infectious diseases such as tuberculosis.
  2. D-4-6: There are also 3 requirements for this type of visa.
    a. The candidate should be 18-30 years of age and have an academic career higher than high school.
    b. If you are staying for more than 6 months, you have to prove that you have more than 5,000 USD in your account. If you are staying for less than 6 months, you have to prove that you have enough money to stay in Korea for the amount of time you are staying. (60,000 KRW per month)
    c. The candidate should have TOPIK-I level 2 or higher, or KLAT level 2 or higher.



For further information

visit Hi Korea website.

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