D-2 Visa in Korea – Immigration Guide

D-2 visa

All about D-2 (Student) Visa

What is it?

The D-2 visa is issued to those study or research in institutions such as community college, university, graduate school or academic institutions. There are 8 types of D-2 visa according to your institutions. Also, if you have this visa, you will get maximum 2 years of staying limit.


Who is eligible?

  • Those who are planning to study in academic institutions from community college or higher institutions.
  • Those who are planning to conduct research in academic institutions which is registered in FIMS.
  • However, language school and cyber university students are not eligible for D-2 visa.


Subcategories of D-2 visa

  1. D-2-1(associate degree): People who will study in a community college will get this visa.
  2. D-2-2(bachelor’s degree): People who are attending university will get this visa.
  3. D-2-3(master): People who are studying for master’s degree will get this visa.
  4. D-2-4(doctorate): People who are studying for doctor’s degree will get this visa.
  5. D-2-5(research): People who are performing specific research in academic institutions will get this visa.
  6. D-2-6(exchange student): Students participating in agreed exchange program between universities will get this visa.
  7. D-2-7(government invited student): This type of visa is quite special since it is for the students invited by Korean government. The Korean government created the D-2-7 visa in order to stop the brain drain. If you have this visa, you can get a job right after you graduate. You can also get advantage points when you try to get a green card.
  8. D-2-8(short term studying): People who want to study for short time in Korea. For example, students who take summer or winter courses in university will get this visa.



In General,

  1. Visa application form (download the form)/confirmation of visa issuance.
  2. Passport.
  3. 1 portrait photo.
  4. A Photocopy of University Business Registration Card.
  5. Certificate of Admission signed by the president of your school.
  6. Certificate of the latest academic career.
  7. Documents showing financial ability to stay in Korea for 1 year.


Working with a D-2 visa

Do you want to work as a part-timer while you are studying? Good news! You can have a part-time job, if you have a D-2 visa. However, the work should not affect your academic career. Students with D-2-1, D-2-2 visa can work 20 hours per week. Students with D-2-3, D-2-4 visa can work 30 hours per week. You can work as a translator, English camp instructor, clerk and so on.


If you have any more questions, visit Hi Korea website.

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