Cherry Blossom Festival in Korea (Metropolitan)

cherry blossom festival

Cherry Blossom Festivals in Korea (Metropolitan Area)

After the long winter, spring is finally in the air. Around this time of year, cherry blossoms are everywhere. Just walking around and looking at them is great, but going to a cherry blossom festival is another level.

 Seokchon lake cherry blossom festival (April 5~April13)

cherry blossom festival

Seokchon lake is located in Jamsil, right next to the Lotte world. Lotte wolrd itself is full of fun, but cherry blossoms around the lake is breathtakingly beautiful. Seokchon lake festival is one of the most famous cherry blossom festivals in Korea. Every year, seoulites visit here to take photos of the flower and themselves. There will be concerts, movie screening event, flea market and activities such as candle making or face painting.

How do I get there?

You can take subway from any stations, and get off at Jamsil Station(line 2) or Seokchon Station(line 8). From Jamsil Station come out through exit 2 or 3. From Seokchon Station, use exit 1 or 8.

Recommended Program

cherry blossom festival 2

As you can see on the map, Seokchon lake is quite large. On the right side of the map, you can see number 5 marked. 5 is the East Lake Central Stage. From April 9th to 13th, everyday at 19:00, there will be a movie screening event at the East Lake Central Stage. Especially on 12th, they will screen “LA LA Land”. Watching a movie surrounded by beautiful cherry blossoms. Without a doubt, It’s gonna be a wonderful event for the foreigners who enjoy the festival. Also, don’t forget to visit number 6, which is food truck area.


Yeouido Cherry Blossoms Festival (April 7~April 12)

cherry blossom festival

Yeouido is where Korean National Assembly is located. Located along the Han river, there are 13 different species, 87,859 trees. This event started in 2005, and it has become an annual thing. There will be a character parade and concerts happening around Haneul stage(National Assembly gate 5) and Kkot-ip stage(National Assembly gate 6).

How do I get there?

Take the subway from any stations, and get off at National Assembly station (line 9). Take exit 1 and walk straight until you see the Yeouido Han river park. Turn left and there will be Yeouiseo-ro(street), where the festival is happening.

Recommended Program

Near National Assembly building, there is a huge mall called IFC mall. Since the festival is happening near the mall, the mall has prepared some programs such as EDM silent disco party, and picnic day. At the EDM silent disco party, you can put on a headphone and dance with others. It happens from April 6 to April 7 at 5:30 PM in the IFC mall North Atrium.


Yong-in Ever Cherry blossom festival (April 13~April 15)

cherry blossom festival 3

In Yong-in city, Gyeonggi-do, there is a huge amusement park called Everland. Everland is well-known for its gardens and Ho-am lake is located near it. Also, there is Ho-am art museum right next to Everland, where you can enjoy beautiful scenery of the Ho-am lake from the second floor of the museum. (Museum entrance fee: 4,000KRW.)

How do I get there?

Since Everland is located in Yong-in, it might be a little bit far from Seoul. However, you can get there by transportation from Seoul. Here is the website of Everland, which explains how to get to Everland. There will be a free shuttle bus from Everland to Ho-am lake where the festival is happening.

Recommended Program

There are photo spots and sculptures such as cherry blossom frame. For the best picture, there will be a sample guide photo taken by a professional photographer.


The schedule of the festival might be changed due to the flowering time and weather. Also, cherry blossoms are very vulnerable to rain, so you should visit the cherry blossom sights while you have the chance! In most of the places around Korea, the cherry blossoms are blooming. Now is the right time to enjoy them.


Cherry blossom festivals don’t only happen in metropolitan areas.
If you want to find out about cherry blssom festivals in non-metropolitan areas, check this post.

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