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C-3 Visa in Korea

All about C-3 (short-term) Visa

What is it?

The C-3 visa is issued to those who are staying less than 90 days in Korea. There are 10 types of this visa (from C-3-1 to C-3-10) according to your purpose of visit. Usually, it is for business or general visit.


Who is eligible?

  • Those who are doing a market research, business communication, consulting, making contractions and other commercial activities without profit making purpose.
  • Those who want to stay in  Korea for less than 90 days for tourism, transit, visiting relative, conference, attending a religious ceremony, etc.
  • Although you are staying in Korea for less than 90 days, you can’t get a job with this visa. (It’s not a working visa.)


Subcategories of C-3 visa

  1. C-3-1(short-term general): People who are eligible for short-term visa but don’t fall under other types of C-3 visa.
  2. C-3-2(group tourism): Those who come to Korea for small scale trade or tourism. If they stay over 90 days, their travel agency has to take responsibility.
  3. C-3-3(medical tourism): If you want to get medical treatment in Korea for less than 90 days, you should get an invitation from an establishment registered in Medical Korea. Also, family members of foreign patients who are coming to Korea for nursing can get this visa.
  4. C-3-4(business visit general): Those who are staying in Korea for market research, contraction or small scale trade without making profit.(For profit making, you should get C-4 or D-9 visa.)
  5. C-3-5(business visit agreement): Those who are working under Korea-India CEPA or Korea-Chile FTA.
  6. C-3-6(business visit sponsored): Those who are invited by a preferential company selected by the Minister of Justice.
  7. C-3-7(visa on arrival): In special occasions, you can get this visa after arriving in Korea.
  8. C-3-8(overseas Korean): Overseas Koreans who are younger than 60 years old. They can get a multiple visa which is effective for 3 years.
  9. C-3-9(general tourism): Tourists who don’t fall under C-3-2 visa.
  10. C-3-10(transfer only): If people from states that sponsor terrorism(Iran, Syria, Sudan) wants to travel to a 3rd country via Korea, this visa will be issued.



Generally, you need an application form, passport, photo, and visa fee.

However, Each visa requires specific documents.

  1. C-3-1: Invitation, or documents that shows the purpose of your visit.
  2. C-3-3: Certificate for recognition of visa issuance, invitation from the hospital. A document proving family relations if you have other family members coming with you.
  3. C-3-4: Invitation letter from the company.
  4. C-3-5:
    a. Korea- India CEPA: Documents regarding the establishment of your corporate in India, proof of employment, invitation.
    b. Korea-Chile FTA: Invitation.
  5. C-3-6: Certificate for recognition of visa issuance, proof of employment, invitation from the preferential company.
  6. C-3-9: Proof of financial ability or proof of status.
  7. C-3-10: Itinerary.


For Further questions, visit Korea Visa Portal.

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