The Best Way to Get from Incheon Airport to Seoul City

The Way from Incheon Airport to Seoul 표지

Welcome to Korea!

When you first arrived in Korea, the route from the airport to the city may seem complicated. But with us you can easily move to your hostel.

Now let’s get you to the city of Seoul




korean transportation subway ktx bus



Step1 Incheon airport station on airport line


korean airport station


1st floor of passenger terminal -> B1 floor of passenger terminal -> transport center -> airport railroad station


Find Incheon airport station on airport line to take subway

Step 2 buy a subway ticket to seoul


korean airport station 02

You can choose these two different tickets

Express 43 min / KRW 8,000 (Adult)

All-stop 58 min / KRW 4,150 (Adult)

If you have any problem, ask for a help at AREX center!



korean express train timetable

Express train heading Seoul runs from 05:20 to 21:45

everyday from the airport.

For ticket, you can buy it at

Express Train Information Center.

< Location of express train information center >


korean location of express ticket



STEP 03 Take Subway To Seoul Station

Now you can get on the subway and ride to Seoul.

(BTW the AREX Express trains have free wifi!)

Welcome to Seoul.

You are at the center of Seoul!


ktx korean fastest train

STEP 01 Find KTX Station at the incheon Airport

KTX(Korean Train Express) is a transport

for long-distance travelers.

It is much faster than subway or bus.

Unlike subway, KTX station is located at the airport!


Follow the sign above to the B1 floor.

Following the sign to get to KTX


STEP 02 Understand routes of KTX

airlin line map

Let’s see how to get to Seoul Station!


< ktx Timetable >

airline timetable


KTX heading Seoul runs from 06:55 to 20:38

everyday from the airport.

STEP 03 Buy A KTX Ticket

buy a KTX ticket


You can buy it either through machine or ticket office.

If you have any problem,

you can ask for a help at Travel Information Center.

an interior of KTX

< Ktx Ticket price >

First Class: KRW 17,500 (Adult) / KRW 11,200 (Child)

Economy Class: KRW 12,500 (Adult) / KRW 6,200 (Child)

Open Seat: KRW 11,900 (Adult) / KRW 5,900 (Child)

STEP 04 Take KTX


If you are done with buying a ticket,

now you are ready to start your journey!

Since KTX runs up to 300km,

you will be at the destination in the blink of an eye J


bus terminal map

STEP 01 To the Bus Terminal

You need to go to the Bus Terminal

located at the 1st floor of the incheon airport.

Since you are going to Seoul,

you need to be at 3B ~ 6B and 10A ~ 13A!


picture of bus terminal


STEP 02 Buy A Ticket


You can buy a ticket both inside and outside of the incheon airport.

Inside: Passenger Terminal GATE 4, 9

Outside: East Ticket Office GATE 4, 6, 7 /

West Ticket Office 8, 11, 13,

< bus Ticket price >

KRW 14,000 ~ 16,000 (Adult)

(If you pay with cash on bus,

you need to pay KRW 1,000 ~ 2,000 more.

So it is better to buy at the ticket office or through machine!)

inside of the bus

STEP 03 Take a Bus

It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to Seoul.

Now you enjoy your journey to Seoul!




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