Top 6 Best Photo Spots Hidden in Korea

Best 6 Photo Spots of Korea 표지

Busan Gamcheon Culture Village


Gamcheon Culture Village

Korean version of Santorini where colorful Graffiti along the houses make a dreamy scene.

From Busan Street foods (like Seed Hot-Dog and Uh-mook) of food trucks to village-shaped plaster air fresheners from souvenir shops, you will not be able to just pass by.

The way to get to the village is simple. Take a bus or taxi with a minimum fare from the Busan Station. It takes less than 30 minutes.

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Hanuel Maru Observatory/ Fish-shaped graffiti located near the entrance/ A Little prince and a wolf statue


Jamsil Lotte World

Lotte World

One of the popular amusement parks in Korea which is located in the middle of Seoul.

What’s special about this park is that you can enjoy rides both indoors and outdoors.

Since a big shopping mall with many restaurants, cafes, and a theater are all located right next to the  park, a lot of tourists love to visit the place.

You can get there by subway line 2 Jamsil Station.

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In front of the carousel


Mongchontoseong Fortress


A beautiful tree in the middle of the plain attracts many tourists.

Unlike other places in Seoul, you can see the horizon here at the fortress.

Since it has a scene which cannot be seen easily in Seoul, many ads and wedding photos were taken in front of the tree.

Near the fortress, Olympic park which was built for 1988 Seoul Olympic Game and Soma Art Museum which holds numerous exhibitions are located.

You can get there by subway line 8 Mongchontoseong Station.

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In front of the tree/ Entrance of the Olympic Park/ Soma Art Museum


Ihwa Mural Village

Ihwa Mural Village

Along every alley of the village, you will see colorfully decorated murals. Find hidden murals and take the shot!

Naksan Park is also located near the village which has a fantastic night view.

You can get to the village by walk from the subway line 4 Hyehwa Station. It takes about 15 minutes.

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Wing graffiti/ Before I die graffiti/ Stairs with goldfish graffiti

Busan The Bay 101

The Bay 101

A pub located near Haeundae Beach. Since it has an awesome night view with skyscrapers and the beach as the background,

it is a must-visit photo spot when you go visit Busan.

With a pint of beer at the terrace, you will not want to leave the place!

It’s located near the subway Dongbaek Station. You can get there by 15~20 minutes of walk.

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In front of the Bay 101/ Haeundae Beach

Imjingak Peace Park

Imjingak Peace Park

A park themed as peace hoping unification of South and North Korea.

Peace Land which is a small amusement park and Imjingak Unification Observatory where you can see Protection zone of military installations are all near the park as well.

You can also travel to Dorasan Observatory and The Third Tunnel.

For transportation, you can get there through Gyeongui train Imjingak Station.

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Hill of Wind (Pinwheels)/ Hill of Music/ Unification observatory/ Railway

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